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13 signs you are a Smart Phone addict in an internet-crazy world

1.The moment you wake up, you start checking your mails on your phone, even if it is in the middle of the night.


2.You keep refreshing your mailbox after every few minutes, because you want to know of ANY mail when it arrives.


3.You can’t sit through a meal without replying to Whatsapp messages.

4.Your phone is flooded with Facebook updates. Even if you got fed up of them and disabled them, you keep logging onto Facebook a million times through the day.

5.You have that friend who keeps posting his/her daily routine on Facebook and you wonder what is left to be updated. Brushing their teeth?


6.You get up on a bus and find 5/10 people around you busy typing on their phones.

7.You can’t wait to post pictures on Instagram and ❤ other people’s posts. You love Instagram!


8.When you are out with your friends, there is that one moment when everyone is looking at their screens instead of talking to each other.


9.You love #Hashtags and use as many and whenever possible.


10.You keep posing until you have the perfect Profile picture and upload it immediately.

11.You use your phone to find out EVERYTHING. From the weather forecast to directions to cafe reviews to available movie shows.And, you carry it EVERYWHERE too.

12.You know it is awkward to keep using your phone when you are out with your colleagues. Yet, you do it all the time. You can’t stay away from your phone!

13.Finally, if checking for updates or texting is the last thing you do before sleeping and ofcourse, the first thing in the morning too.. and  if you , my friend, can relate to most of these points…Bingo!

Though, in reality, what you should be doing is this:


Well, not literally though. 😛  Fellas, take a break and give your mind some rest. Let your life have more meaning and purpose than scrolling down your wall again and again, in hopes of finding something interesting/ hillarious/waste of time/nonsensical.

(Oh wait..didn’t you find the link to this post shared on some Social media too? 😦  )

Social media is just a part of our lives. Doesn’t mean : that’s all you have in life! So, well, the next time you find yourself hooked onto the internet for hours, think of these things:

1.Web addicts have brain changes similar to those hooked on drugs or alcohol, preliminary research suggests.

2.Constantly checking updates on Social Media is almost like Crack for us.The Online world affects your Brain and your thinking!

3.Your sleep  may be disrupted if you keep staring at screens until you sleep.

4.Your Smartphone is killing your cognitive thinking and declarative memory, say experts. Needless to say,  your Smartphone is damaging your brain!

So, I suppose that you’ve had quite some food for thought in the past few minutes. I shall end this post right here with one last interesting video I found on YouTube 🙂

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