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You know times have changed when…

  1. You and your friends have started using hashtags casually in emails and text messages.                  Oh, and also your Mom.

2.People around you are engrossed in taking selfies and putting quotes on their pictures.

3.Some people you know have started refusing cakes and pastries, citing healthy eating as a reason. EVEN on their friends’ birthdays!

While I am mostly like….

4. Forwarded mails have given way to memes on whatsapp groups. And it’s exhausting to keep track of all the messages and media being shared there!


5. You see kids overloaded with gadgets and their parents doting over how sharp they are.


6.You realize you may be a smart phone addict in an internet-crazy world!


But  after everything, it feels great to realize that even though people have adapted to the changing times, and their habits may have changed, your friendship with them remains the same!

Much love to all my friends 🙂


13 signs you are a Smart Phone addict in an internet-crazy world

1.The moment you wake up, you start checking your mails on your phone, even if it is in the middle of the night.


2.You keep refreshing your mailbox after every few minutes, because you want to know of ANY mail when it arrives.


3.You can’t sit through a meal without replying to Whatsapp messages.

4.Your phone is flooded with Facebook updates. Even if you got fed up of them and disabled them, you keep logging onto Facebook a million times through the day.

5.You have that friend who keeps posting his/her daily routine on Facebook and you wonder what is left to be updated. Brushing their teeth?


6.You get up on a bus and find 5/10 people around you busy typing on their phones.

7.You can’t wait to post pictures on Instagram and ❤ other people’s posts. You love Instagram!


8.When you are out with your friends, there is that one moment when everyone is looking at their screens instead of talking to each other.


9.You love #Hashtags and use as many and whenever possible.


10.You keep posing until you have the perfect Profile picture and upload it immediately.

11.You use your phone to find out EVERYTHING. From the weather forecast to directions to cafe reviews to available movie shows.And, you carry it EVERYWHERE too.

12.You know it is awkward to keep using your phone when you are out with your colleagues. Yet, you do it all the time. You can’t stay away from your phone!

13.Finally, if checking for updates or texting is the last thing you do before sleeping and ofcourse, the first thing in the morning too.. and  if you , my friend, can relate to most of these points…Bingo!

Though, in reality, what you should be doing is this:


Well, not literally though. 😛  Fellas, take a break and give your mind some rest. Let your life have more meaning and purpose than scrolling down your wall again and again, in hopes of finding something interesting/ hillarious/waste of time/nonsensical.

(Oh wait..didn’t you find the link to this post shared on some Social media too? 😦  )

Social media is just a part of our lives. Doesn’t mean : that’s all you have in life! So, well, the next time you find yourself hooked onto the internet for hours, think of these things:

1.Web addicts have brain changes similar to those hooked on drugs or alcohol, preliminary research suggests.

2.Constantly checking updates on Social Media is almost like Crack for us.The Online world affects your Brain and your thinking!

3.Your sleep  may be disrupted if you keep staring at screens until you sleep.

4.Your Smartphone is killing your cognitive thinking and declarative memory, say experts. Needless to say,  your Smartphone is damaging your brain!

So, I suppose that you’ve had quite some food for thought in the past few minutes. I shall end this post right here with one last interesting video I found on YouTube 🙂

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Meet Mr.Rob…your next personal assistant?

Who doesn’t mind having a helping hand at home? But, would you be comfortable with a helping claw instead?
Cornell’s Personal Robotics Lab has trained a robot to foresee one’s subsequent set of actions, based on his current activities.  With a database of around 120 household activities fed as 3D videos ,  the robot shall observe and identify one’s activity with his  Microsoft Kinect 3D camera and then anticipate what he might do in the next few seconds.
So, basically, Rob (that’s just what I decided to call it!) shall observe your body movements, match your activity to all the videos in his brain, and then guess your next most probable move. He will of course be racing his mind to keep guessing your every  next move based on each and every action of yours!
Well, so let’s presume that one day in the future,  it is super easy for everyone to bring a Rob home . You happily get him home  too and train him to assist you in all your daily household chores.  You are glad that you don’t even have to ask him to pour more coffee in your cup or help you throw the garbage out! And then, one  fine evening, as you are clearing off the food from your table, you move the left-over pasta to an air-tight container and proceed to move towards the refrigerator. Seeing you coming forward in the direction of the refrigerator, Rob quickly moves too, to open the fridge door before you reach it.Only at that moment, you realize how you almost forgot to make that important call and retrace your steps immediately, leaving poor Rob holding the fridge door wide open 😦
Poor Rob! But, you are not even thinking about that. You are busy talking to someone on the phone,trying to  fix an appointment for the next day and you are irritated because they can’t seem to understand English! You look up and find Rob standing right infront of you, waiting to predict your next move. You are walking in circles, angry and impatient. You take a seat when the call is put on hold, randomly start scribbling something on the notepad, and suddenly decide to get up and walk to the kitchen. What do you think Rob is doing? Following you, of course! He is as confused as anyone could be. How do you think he will “read your mind” when you are being so unpredictable?
How would you feel to be living with someone who aids you in maintaining your house, but can neither speak nor connect to you? (though we cannot rule out the possibility of robos conversing with you fluently soon!) You cannot talk to him or vent out your anger at him . You cannot even ask him to undo the mess he might have created because he failed to correctly predict your uncertain moves!
Aarghh!!Wouldn’t  having a human at home been much better?? What do you think? Are you read to meet your new assistant, Mr.Rob?

Connecting to Google:Africa

Originally posted on Gloobbi

After almost fifteen years of delivering astounding Internet services and products to the world, Google Inc is now making its foray into a new sector. Reports say that the Search Engine giant is intending to provide Wi-Fi services to vast stretches of developing countries, from the sub-Saharan African desert to South East Asia.

From providing one of the most popular search engines to the dynamic Gmail, Google Chrome, the development of Android OS for smart phones, Google +, and the upcoming Google Glass, Google Inc never ceases surprise with its seemingly endless supply of innovations.

This time too, the company has come up with a groundbreaking idea of connecting over a billion people in Africa and South-East Asia to the Internet, which currently proves challenging outside the major cities. According to the Internet World Stats for 2012, only 7% of the world’s Internet users are from Africa and this population makes up only 15% of those living in Africa. An impressive possibility for market expansion for the Internet service providers.

According to news reports, Google plans to bypass barriers such as unfavourable geographical positioning and inadequate transportation by using free-flying aircrafts or balloons, better known as “blimps”. Acting as “high altitude platforms”, these blimps would transmit signals to areas otherwise unreachable. Plans to use satellites to transmit signals are also on the cards, with the intention of collaborating with local telecommunication providers in order to ensure that this is meted out meticulously.

Besides this they seem to be discussing with regulators the possibility of using certain airwaves for transmission, which are currently reserved only for television broadcasts. These airwaves are said to operate at lower frequencies and hence can travel longer distances than the current Wi-Fi technology. This could also help improve the speed of internet connections in urban areas.

All well and good, doubters might say, but can the vast majority of people in these rural areas afford to actually own devices such as Smartphones and computers? In response to this, Google is already coming up with low cost microprocessors and Smartphones powered by their very own Android.

One could also wonder why it is that Google is so interested in making a remote part of the world Internet-savvy. Well, if Google’s plans do become successful, they would be providing Internet services to a billion or so additional customers. This implies that all those people would be using Google’s popular services like their search engine, YouTube and the App store to name but a few. Google is said to be generating most of its profits from ‘Adwords’, their major advertising product. With an explosive increase in the number of users, Google could generate a lot more revenue through online advertizing.

Whilst Google’s intentions may not be purely altruistic, this could nevertheless prove to be a boon for developing countries and help raise their economies. Google has already begun trials of this technology in South Africa. One can only hope that these plans fall into place and this vast pool of people get to know what it is like on the World Wide Web.

Looking through the Google Glass: Is Technology crippling you?

I have been procrastinating this post for quite some time and this has given me all the more time to muse over this thought. As a child, I used to be awestruck by the likes of Robocop and Batman, but I had never imagined the possibility of the world looking through the eyes of Robocop!

Enter Google Glass. The most astounding and much-awaited invention by Google. A pair of glasses which will bow to your commands and make you see what you want and tell you what you wish to know, all without any added efforts .

“Ok Glass. Show me the way to the library”, and there would be the map on the upper right corner of your glass! “Ok Glass. Call Home” , and that would just be the command to let you hear your loved ones or even Skype with them while you are walking /driving/admiring a beautiful sight!

Sounds fascinating. Doesn’t it? A recent video released by Google Glass shows ballerinas,skydivers,acrobats wearing the Glass while performing their feat. Imagine you are on a dangerous ride in an amusement park (the likes of Black Mamba or Talocan at Phantasialand) and all you say is, “Ok Glass. Record the video.” and there get recorded some of the most adventurous moments of your life . Oh! and those  you could immediately share with your friends and post on people’s walls!

I was equally surprised when I first saw these unimaginable videos. I have great respect for technology and it just increases everyday.A few months ago, I was taken aback by the Samsung developers when they  revealed S3 and then S4 to the world.I thought that the projection keyboard was an extremely innovative idea. But, Google took a step further and earned greater admiration in my heart.

However, I was forced to think about the kind of distraction that this Glass would be responsible for, if people ALWAYS wore it and decided to make it a part of their lives. Sudden pop-ups before your eyes about the route ahead while you are driving, or an  incoming video call when you are at a precarious position off a mountain edge , or simply, unwanted information about people/places/objects you are crossing when you are in the midst of a traffic jam and really want to focus on something rather than listening to any additional voices in your ears!

Whoa! This does seem scary. What if this entire make-life-easier invention starts getting on your nerves and makes you more vulnerable to accidents, irritation and anger? Once again, I come to the much-talked issue: Is Technology bringing you closer to people or is it really driving you away into isolation? Each one of us are in a bubble, one created by the ever developing technology. With smartphones, tablets,bluetooth headsets and now, the Glass (to be released in 2014), one is forever consumed in his own world , though the mere idea behind these inventions is to connect people and draw them closer.It is funny how people want to flash every detail of their lives in the virtual world, but are too consumed with their gadgets to look around and spend quality time with real people.

Let’s just hope that you are able to multi-task with this Glass on your nose and do not regret any of your decisions later on! The verdict will be out next year. Till then, all I can do is, wait and watch.