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The distant light

He came back after the day’s toll,

sweating, tired, wanting nothing but the comfort of his home.

He saw the twinkle in his children’s eyes, as they rushed to him, to be by his side.

They talked and chirped, as they spoke of the day’s course,

referring in between to their dreams and much more.

He drifted into the whirlpool of troubled memories from near and far,

Was ending it the only way to get out of it all?

Their cherubic laughter spread across the room,

And as he looked at the innocent eyes, he realized they deserve much more.

Off he set sail on the ship of hope,

Re-energized with ideas, knowing there would be a way for sure.

Our time will come, he thought, when we will have contented lives.

For even if the present is uncertain,

The distant future does always shine bright.


If only…

I wake up in the middle of the night,

 sweating, shivering , all startled up in fright.

‘What time is it?’, I look around for my phone.

‘Too late now’, I hear a whisper. ’She’s gone’.

I am sobbing , clutching the blanket, thinking of how things could have been,

had I not been indolent while the malicious Fate  probably smirked slyly at me.

Three months later, a package I had received,

A token from Fate, along with the undeliverable letter returned to me.

The blanket of guilt has since never left my side.

If only, I wish…I could rewind.

This video, with my interview, was originally posted here.