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Why you should try out Zumba if you still haven’t!

When I joined a gym about a month ago, I found out that they offered a lot of classes everyday too. As I picked up one of the printed schedules from the stacks to check for the options I had , I found ZUMBA was due to begin in fifteen minutes that evening. Not knowing too much about it, except the fact that it seemed fun and enjoyable, I decided to give it a shot.

The hall was filled with people of all ages and sizes, most of whom seemed regulars and were bubbling with excitement. Soon enough, an exuberant Claudia entered the room , filling the room with even greater energy, as she approached the podium to begin the session for the evening. I must admit that I was amused and even felt a little awkward in the beginning. But, within a few minutes, I had already started enjoying it.I was feeling happy, light-hearted and excited, all at once! Zumba appeared to be a mix of different kinds of dance moves. Each song seemed to be choreographed in one particular style, with not too many new steps to be learnt at a time. In fact, among some of the Samba, Hip Hop,Mambo and belly dance moves that I recognized, at some point, I also felt a tinge of Bollywood and was quite surprised!

It was only later that I found out about Bollywood moves and music being used quite often in Zumba fitness sessions. Well yeah, “Zumba Fitness” has become quite a rage over the years. It is said to have originated “accidentally”   sometime in the 1990’s when Alberto “Beto” Perez realized that he was not carrying the usual music for his aerobics training session and decided to use the Salsa and meringue music he had. Within a few years, it gained popularity as a fun cardio-workout and has now reached more than 10 million people around the world.

It is true that I was out of breath and was sweating in about 15 to 20 minutes into the session. But oh boy! I did survive  the whole hour, and so did the 50 year old lady, the 20-something fitness freak, the middle aged girlfriends, the housewife and the obese. If you are over conscious of yourself or feel that dance is not your ‘thing’ and that there is no point in reading this post, you are completely wrong! Anyone with feet can dance! All you need to do is, shed your inhibitions and get into the groove. You will be surprised with yourself soon after.

Interestingly, while you are immersed in all the dancing and improving your cardiopulmonary endurance in the process, losing calories seems like no burden anymore! Any idea of how many calories you could be burning in your one-hour session? 500-1000, depending on the intensity of your workout, according to various resources online. If you have attended atleast one Zumba session and want to get an estimate of your lost calories, you can use this Calorie Calculator here! A better alternative, ofcourse, is to carry a heart rate monitor, the next time you attend a session.All in all, you will love the whole experience so much that you will most likely become a regular at it and reap the benefits all along.

Well, I hope you get the point of this post and lose yourself (or find yourself) in  a Zumba fitness party or class, whenever you can!