Monthly Archives: April 2015

You know times have changed when…

  1. You and your friends have started using hashtags casually in emails and text messages.                  Oh, and also your Mom.

2.People around you are engrossed in taking selfies and putting quotes on their pictures.

3.Some people you know have started refusing cakes and pastries, citing healthy eating as a reason. EVEN on their friends’ birthdays!

While I am mostly like….

4. Forwarded mails have given way to memes on whatsapp groups. And it’s exhausting to keep track of all the messages and media being shared there!


5. You see kids overloaded with gadgets and their parents doting over how sharp they are.


6.You realize you may be a smart phone addict in an internet-crazy world!


But  after everything, it feels great to realize that even though people have adapted to the changing times, and their habits may have changed, your friendship with them remains the same!

Much love to all my friends 🙂