If only…

I wake up in the middle of the night,

 sweating, shivering , all startled up in fright.

‘What time is it?’, I look around for my phone.

‘Too late now’, I hear a whisper. ’She’s gone’.

I am sobbing , clutching the blanket, thinking of how things could have been,

had I not been indolent while the malicious Fate  probably smirked slyly at me.

Three months later, a package I had received,

A token from Fate, along with the undeliverable letter returned to me.

The blanket of guilt has since never left my side.

If only, I wish…I could rewind.

This video, with my interview, was originally posted here.

9 thoughts on “If only…

  1. Letters Love
    never connecting
    passing ships iN
    Oceans uS.. so far
    so dark
    so deep
    so shallow
    left feeLinGs
    oF Love.. forGivinG
    Us.. stArtinG aGaiN..
    no one iS perfect
    wE aLL work
    dARk and LiGht
    iN Star Wars oF
    miNd and boDy
    balance.. now..:)

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