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Friends,Lovers and V-Day survivors- get surprised by Yahoo! today

This morning, I received a graceful mail from a friend, sending me warm wishes on Valentine’s Day in addition to a few kind words . I thought it was a nice gesture to do so, and was actually taken aback by the idea. A few hours later, I was checking my mail at my workplace and noticed a heart icon next to the ‘Compose’ button on my Yahoo mail. And lo behold! It was an ‘Autocompose’ option for sending Valentine’s Day messages!!

The first auto-generated mail I saw was:

Yahoo bunny message


Hair is softer than a thousand bunnies??? Seriously? I clicked on ‘Autocompose’ again.

Silly messages

What the shemurr? I went  on to check the Autocompose drop down menu at the bottom of the page, and discovered that you could generate messages based on one of the three themes offered :  Crazy in love, Friendly love, All Outta love. Whoo! ‘Friendly love’ would be interesting to check out, I thought.  And clearly, it was atleast better than the mushy,lovey-dovey messages I had seen earlier.

Praise much? BuddiesAnd another one here:

friendly love

Okay! So now it was time to move on to the final category: All Outta love. And here is how it went:

V-Day fellow survivor!

all outta love

Well, it may not be a bad idea to express your feelings to all your loved ones today. However, there isn’t really any point in appreciating people one day in a year, and not caring enough to let them know how you feel the rest of the 364 days. Are people really so busy that they need a special day to tell someone how much they love and value them?

So , friends, lovers,(past and to-be)V-Day survivors: think about the people who have made a difference to your lives and appreciate them . If you are feeling meh and are at a loss of words to write those mushy messages, Yahoo! is all up for inspiration! Just one request: please do not fill up Facebook with a bulk of silly and mushy messages. You can keep them private and real!

As for me, I am a bit disappointed after spotting copied Yahoo! lines in the mail I received today. But then again, it is the thought that counts. Isn’t it?