What Sci-Fi movies tell us


Have you ever wanted to Obliviate a memory from someone’s, (or, your own) mind?Ever dreamt of becoming invisible or yearned to travel through time? Would you mind being best friends with someone who you KNOW is a clone?

If any of these thoughts (or more bizarre ones) have ever crossed your mind, you are either too imaginative, engrossed in Fantasy or have been watching one a too many Science Fiction movies!

Sci-fi  can transport you into an alternate universe and confront you with several awesome yet scary thoughts. They say that a peek into the future can either excite you or drown you into a pool of worries. As for me, some of these movies made me ponder over whether I would really want any of it to happen in reality.Here are a few thoughts that come to my mind right away:

1.You can **** with someone’s memories, but not their emotions-  The idea of erasing someone from their memory was seen to be highly popular with people around Valentine’s Day in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Whilst this might have seemed to be the quick solution to getting over their misery, it surely was not just for the long run. How much ever of a bad time you might have had , there are bound to be several memories close to your heart, which you would want to keep in some corner of your mind, and revisit them time and again. Deleting memories from your mind would not change the way you feel or act, and this would clearly not be the solution for me!

2.Invisibility Blues: What if there is no switching it off? –  Invisibility cloaks and objects have been ever popular in both, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Though many of you might have longed to lay your hands on that cloak “just for once”, it can actually get a lot scarier than you could imagine.Movies like Hollow Man  and Memoirs of an Invisible Man make me shudder to think of the horrors of becoming invisible and then, unable to become visible again.It would be creepy enough to have an invisible stalker, leave alone YOU yourself being the creepy invisible stalker!

3.Time Turner pandemonium-  The Time Turner(courtesy:JKR) is something that I often wished for, as a teenager, and well, wouldn’t mind playing with it now too..err. You must have come across the concept of time travel a thousand times or so, in movies,TV shows or books. Though the concept of travelling into the future or back to  the past may seem alluring, it could prove to be dangerous and mess your life in the process. The Butterfly Effect could be one such example to show how one change in your past could lead to an alternate future and mess up several other things in the process, which might have otherwise seemed just fine to you.

4. Clone confusion-  Human cloning is a sensitive issue, though there are hundreds of movies out there depicting clone armies,etc. One movie that I happened to see based on a friend’s recommendation, was Womb , and oh boy, different it was! When the protagonist’s boyfriend died in a freak accident, she went ahead to give birth to his clone.When he grew up to look exactly the same as his father (err..clone), things took a completely unexpected turn.

Phew!So these are a few things which I would prefer don’t  happen with my rational self. You might have thought about aliens and space-crafts in connection to this genre of movies, but think again.Too many alien movies and astrobiology findings have somehow made me believe that I am NEVER going to see one of them!


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