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Looking through the Google Glass: Is Technology crippling you?

I have been procrastinating this post for quite some time and this has given me all the more time to muse over this thought. As a child, I used to be awestruck by the likes of Robocop and Batman, but I had never imagined the possibility of the world looking through the eyes of Robocop!

Enter Google Glass. The most astounding and much-awaited invention by Google. A pair of glasses which will bow to your commands and make you see what you want and tell you what you wish to know, all without any added efforts .

“Ok Glass. Show me the way to the library”, and there would be the map on the upper right corner of your glass! “Ok Glass. Call Home” , and that would just be the command to let you hear your loved ones or even Skype with them while you are walking /driving/admiring a beautiful sight!

Sounds fascinating. Doesn’t it? A recent video released by Google Glass shows ballerinas,skydivers,acrobats wearing the Glass while performing their feat. Imagine you are on a dangerous ride in an amusement park (the likes of Black Mamba or Talocan at Phantasialand) and all you say is, “Ok Glass. Record the video.” and there get recorded some of the most adventurous moments of your life . Oh! and those  you could immediately share with your friends and post on people’s walls!

I was equally surprised when I first saw these unimaginable videos. I have great respect for technology and it just increases everyday.A few months ago, I was taken aback by the Samsung developers when they  revealed S3 and then S4 to the world.I thought that the projection keyboard was an extremely innovative idea. But, Google took a step further and earned greater admiration in my heart.

However, I was forced to think about the kind of distraction that this Glass would be responsible for, if people ALWAYS wore it and decided to make it a part of their lives. Sudden pop-ups before your eyes about the route ahead while you are driving, or an  incoming video call when you are at a precarious position off a mountain edge , or simply, unwanted information about people/places/objects you are crossing when you are in the midst of a traffic jam and really want to focus on something rather than listening to any additional voices in your ears!

Whoa! This does seem scary. What if this entire make-life-easier invention starts getting on your nerves and makes you more vulnerable to accidents, irritation and anger? Once again, I come to the much-talked issue: Is Technology bringing you closer to people or is it really driving you away into isolation? Each one of us are in a bubble, one created by the ever developing technology. With smartphones, tablets,bluetooth headsets and now, the Glass (to be released in 2014), one is forever consumed in his own world , though the mere idea behind these inventions is to connect people and draw them closer.It is funny how people want to flash every detail of their lives in the virtual world, but are too consumed with their gadgets to look around and spend quality time with real people.

Let’s just hope that you are able to multi-task with this Glass on your nose and do not regret any of your decisions later on! The verdict will be out next year. Till then, all I can do is, wait and watch.